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Sancerre Set For A Good Vintage

As is usual for this time of year, we are in contact with our growers to get a feel for what's been happening in the vineyards that could affect the market over the coming weeks and months. After the devastating hail storms in Burgundy at the end of June, vineyard areas that are close took the priority for us, so we spoke with Caroline Brochard from Sancerre earlier this week put our minds at rest!

Work in the vineyard goes on as normal with no problems so far. At present they are taking out the very new growth of the plant which can be susceptible to disease as well as stripping off some foliage which helps the plants send the sugars to the fruit. Any clusters which are now deemed as excess are removed by a green harvest - the potential bunches are cut to allow the plant to concentrate its efforts on the finest clusters - to ensure better quality and better ripening.

As things stand, the harvest should begin around 22nd September and, so long as the weather remains dry and sunny, 2014 should be a good vintage. Fingers crossed then!

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