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A great Alternative to Whispering Angel Rose

A great Alternative to Whispering Angel Rose

Over the last few years, Provence Rose has become the height of fashion,
certainly for summertime drinking. One wine in particular has risen to fame –
Whispering Angel Rose by Caves d’Esclan. But being quite an expensive wine
by rose standards, we bought a bottle to compare it with our Provence rose,
Chateau Montaud, and guess what? We preferred our own!

Whispering Angel is not from a single estate where the producer has an idea of
what he wants to make throughout the year and can tend the vines in a way
that will produce suitable fruit, but it’s made from grapes bought in to fulfill
the quantity requirements. Next, Whispering Angel comes from vineyards
spread over a wide area whilst Chateau Montaud is from a very specific area,
namely Pierrefois that gives more individuality to the wine.

One other notable difference is the use of white grapes in the Whispering
Angel from the Vermentino (known locally as Rolle) grape. Chateau Montaud is
more traditional with the use of only red grapes and thus the time on the skins
will be shorter.

All in all, our wine was far smoother and fruitier with less bitterness in the
finish. Considerably less bitterness. So to let you try for your self we are
offering the Chateau Montaud at a 15% discount this week. Do enjoy, we’re
sure you will!

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