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A little something to celebrate with St Vincent

A little something to celebrate with St Vincent

St Vincent (of Saragossa) is the Patron Saint of wine. One of the reasons he was exalted to such a lofty position apparently was because when he was walking through a vineyard with his donkey, he stopped to chat to a vineyard worker. His donkey, getting a little bored, started to eat some vines which, the following vintage, flourished giving excellent quality fruit and thus the art of pruning started! 

Even to this day, pruning is said to start on St Vincent’s day which is the 22nd of January. In Burgundy, this is celebrated in a big way with fine lunches and dinners. In the Cote d’Or, a different village is selected each year and all of the cellars are open for tasting. In the Beaujolais, they certainly know how to party so to celebrate this feast in style, we have imported 3 new wines from the region all produced by Didier Desvignes. 

Firstly, there is an un-sulphured cuvee of Chiroubles which is fermented naturally, that is bright and fruity and is perfect with a roast chicken. Then a delicious Brouilly, packed with fruit and ideal with a roast duck and finally the masterpiece which is the Moulin A Vent Terre Manganese, from the pink granite soils of Romanece Thorins and this has been matured in barrel. It’s a true blockbuster and will satisfy anyone eating a good joint of beef.

As ever with the wines of Didier Desvignes, they are all great for drinking now with the Brouilly and Moulin a Vent capable of ageing gracefully for a few years.

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