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Our pick for some back to school September wines

Our pick for some back to school September wines

September has arrived, the holidays are finished, the new uniforms for school have been purchased. Is there enough left in the piggy bank for some decent wine to help us through the coming month?


Well, we’ve been looking at what’s going to be good to eat this month and have come up with a couple of offers for you that really fit in with September eating.


The first is Verdejo from Rueda made by Pedro Escudero at Valdelainos. Before he allowed fermentation to start, he left the pressed juice in with the skins for a few hours to extract more fruity aromas.


The result is evident when you drink it. It’s got notes of tropical fruit mixed in with some hints of fennel. On the palate it is fresh, vibrant and really fruity.


It’s wonderful to drink by itself but will partner well with the shellfish that’s just back in season and it’s great with white fish too.


A red to go alongside this offer is from the Indaba Estate in South Africa. Bruwer Raats is well known as a genius with white wines especially Chenin Blanc but he’s terrific at making reds too.


This Mosaic Red is a blend of 5 different red varieties but Cabernet Sauvignon is dominant. It’s almost a Bordeaux but with more sunshine to give riper flavours.


Both the aromas and flavours are dominated by blackcurrant but there are other dark fruit notes there too and let’s not forget some spice and chocolate in the mix.


It’s got some structure yet the tannins are fine and ripe and don’t interfere with the enjoyment of drinking. Put it with some lamb which is now more mature than when first available and it will work superbly.


It’s good with many other red meats too and if you want to hold a few bottles back until game is more plentiful, it will be lots of fun to drink with some duck or pheasant as well.


Plenty of amazing choice and value to make September a month to remember for more than just the return of the school routine.

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