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Wine recommendations for your May Bank Holiday

Wine recommendations for your May Bank Holiday


How are you spending your May Bank Holiday?

One of the UK’s favourite weekends can be made even better with wine.

Here are some recommendations to enjoy (even if you’re working the Bank Hol!).


I’m having a barbecue 🍖

Wines for barbecues

Without doubt, one of the greatest barbecue wines is the Braai Cabernet Sauvignon from Indaba Wines in South Africa.

It’s inexpensive – so good for big groups of friends – and has been designed with barbecues (or Braais as they are known in SA) in mind.

The delightful charring effect of cooking over coals adds just the right element of taste to match this rich earthy wine.

For fish grillers, the zestiness of Bladen Wines’ Riesling makes a great partner to trout or mackerel when the smokey flavours bring its bright fruit flavours to life.


I’m having a dinner party 🥘

Wines for dinner parties

Of course it depends what you’re cooking but lamb is great at this time of year, so why not try a Pinot Noir?

There are many styles and prices available but Astoria’s inexpensive ‘Caranto’ will work well with its light, fresh berry fruit.

For something rounder, South Africa’s Paul Cluver Pinot Noir is full of fruit, with a decent structure that makes for good drinking against lamb or any red meat.

But if the pocket allows, the best for me will always be from Burgundy.

Domaine Tollot Beaut’s delightful Cote de Beaune selections, from their Bourgogne Pinot Noir to the Grand Cru of Corton are all top class.

If you want a white instead (or as well!), Burgundy offers so much, with Puligny Montrachet a particular favourite for fans of whites from the region.

But why not try something a little off the beaten track?

Domaine Prunier Bonheur’s excellent Auxey Duresses is a beautiful golden wine, vivid but rounded and guaranteed to please.

Or for seafood, look no further than Bouchard Finlayson's Blanc de Mer, a blend of several grapes based on Riesling and a real joy to drink.


I’m working ⏰

How to avoid hangovers

Nobody wants to work over the Bank Holiday weekend but if you can only enjoy a glass or two, go for a low sulphur content – the main cause of a bad head.

Happily, any bottle from us will boast lower levels but for something especially short on sulphur dioxide, go for the Gavi from Tenuta la Marchesa.

This deliciously pure wine is unsulphured until bottling and uses a very low amount even then – it tastes as fresh as you’ll feel in the morning!


What else are you doing? 🍷

However you’re spending the Bank Hol, we’d love match a wine to your plans (with exceptions – operating heavy machinery, nuclear testing), get in touch!

Or if you’d prefer to pick something yourself to enjoy, take a look at our current 12.5% off all Spanish and New Zealand wines promotion.

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