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Holiday wine ideas

Wish you were there? Favourite holiday wines (Special offer)


Do you feel like a holiday yet?

When I started writing this, the rain in the garden was dampening my spirits a bit.

Of course, since posting, we've been in the middle of a heatwave – which if anything has made me think about getting away even sooner.

Many of my holiday memories are linked to delicious food matched with stunning wines – and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So, to limber up your palate for your own summer getaway, or to bring back memories of special times you've enjoyed, here are a few 'holiday' wines we're discounting.

If you spot your dream destination or a fond memory, get in the mood with a bottle or two.

Holiday wine ideas


A few years ago on the way to stay with friends in Italy, we flew into Nice for a couple of nights on the French Riviera.

Our first lunch, sitting close to the sea in Villefranche sur Mer, started with a bottle of Provence rosé being ordered before we even saw the menu.

That first bottle didn't even touch the sides and number two was close on its heels.

By the time the third bottle arrived with a delicious baked sea bass with fennel and olives, the taste was cemented in my memory – so refreshing yet gastronomic too.

Irresistible Rose Domaine De La Croix

Try it yourself, irresistible rosé from Domaine de la Croix – a cru classe wine from close to St Tropez, beautifully pale pink with violet and salmon highlights.

Savour the intense aromas of peach, pear, mandarin and melon with floral notes of iris – buttery and silky on the palate, with citrus fruit, cherry and mango fruit flavours.


A favourite destination for us Brits, especially wine lovers, is 'Chiantishire' – the rolling hills between Florence and Siena better known as Tuscany.

Whether you prefer to soak up the culture in both cities or chill out by a pool at a stylish villa, you'll do well to avoid being offered Chianti to go with whichever dishes you enjoy.

A favourite of mine is the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina – a T-bone steak, usually cooked over a wood fire and fairly well salted, either before or after.

It's the perfect partner to Chianti and makes a great sharing plate too.

Chianti Classico San Giorgio a Lapi

Try our promoted Chianti Classico from San Giorgio a Lapi, which is bright ruby coloured with garnet reflections.

Expressive and intense on the nose, it has scents of black forest fruits and pleasant hints of freshly sawn cherrywood, leather, peppery spice, coffee and dry leaves.

It's crisp, well-structured, full-bodied and elegant on the palate, with a good balance of tannin, acidity, plus plump cherry and red fruit notes, with an excellent length to the finish.


Our final favourite holiday wine memory is tied to Spain but a little off the beaten track, a destination not as familiar as the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol.

On the Costa Dorada, close to the attractive town of Sitges, there is a wide choice of excellent tapas bars and restaurants to try.

But for an interesting day out, just 30mins by car or less than an hour by bus, is Vilafranca del Penedes – otherwise known as the heart of Cava country.

Sampling local tapas dishes while savouring the wide selection of Cavas on offer is the stuff great holiday memories are made of (it even makes for a good breakfast drink too!).

Paco Molina Cava

On promotion at the moment is Paco Molina, our house Cava – I'm certain you’ll love the fresh, clean flavours of this excellent traditional sparkling wine.

Where next?

Those are just a few of our favourite holiday wine memories – but where are you off to?

From Napa Valley to New Zealand, there's a wine that will transport you back to your favourite fortnight as soon as it's opened.


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