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Let's talk Vegan wines!

Let's talk Vegan wines!

Well, it’s coming to the end of February, so what will March have in store for us? The first thing that came up when I ran it through Google is it’s National Bed Month! Who decides these things?!! That’s something to celebrate I suppose but beyond that, it will be a celebration of vegetarianism for the whole month. Having just had Veganuary I don’t know who’s opted for this one but nevertheless, we’re happy to go along with it.

Two of our Spanish partners have wines that are certified Vegan but many of our other producers such as Domaine Sipp Mack and Chateau de Fuisse also produce wines that are suitable for Vegans but neither have applied for certification because they prefer to sell their wines on quality grounds rather than because they fit in a certain box.

So, what makes a wine suitable for vegans? Many would think that wine is just fermented grape juice so how can it not be vegan friendly? But it is all the little tweaks between the tank and the bottle that can make it unsuitable for vegans. For instance, one thing would be the use of egg whites to fine the wine, taking out the sediments before it goes forward to bottling. These days many producers use Bentonite for this, a substance that comes from clay. So vegan suitable wines must have been nowhere near an animal – fish meat and milk products are totally taboo.

We have numerous wines that fit into this bracket so click here and see what you can find.

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