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September wines that are back in season

September wines that are back in season

Thinking a bit more about shellfish now it’s back in season, one of our favourites is oysters – yes not everyone’s cup of tea but to lovers of them, there’s nothing finer.


Down in the South of France in the Etang de Thau you’ll find some of the country’s finest oyster beds and close by grapes are grown for Picpoul de Pinet, the Muscadet or Chablis of the south.


The wine reputedly takes its name from the free range chickens who eat the grapes that have fallen from the wine and pick at them on the floor. Our wine has been selected by Floris Lemstra at Chateau Canet is and Picpoul de Pinet Tête De Cuvée or top of the cellar.


It’s crisp, mineral and with a fresh and zesty acidity, just the thing for the minerality and saltiness of an oyster.


But even if you don’t like oysters, there are plenty of dishes that will partner it well. Try it with some grilled sardines or even plain roast chicken especially if you rub some salt on the skin.

A good wine for lamb is Ciabot Berton’s Dolcetto d’Alba Rutuin. Rutuin is the dialect name for the Rochettovino vineyard where the Dolcetto grape grows to perfection.


Add to this Marco Oberto’s skill in making wine and you get a top end red for pairing with all sorts of meat dishes that doesn’t cost the earth. Dolcetto translates from the Italian as the “little sweet one” but the wine is by no means sweet but the grapes were!


It’s fruity, perfectly balanced with some mineral hints alongside the bright cherry fruit. Over there they will drink this throughout the meal and as well as the lamb which we would recommend, it’s really at home with salami and cured hams.

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