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In June, will be changing to - Read more
In June, will be changing to - Read more

Show Us Your Mussels!

September sees the start of the mussel season. When there is a 'R' in the month mussels are at their best and we have the perfect recipe and wine pairing for you to use over the mussel season.

Sauté some finely chopped onion, celery and carrot (a little garlic is optional) in olive oil until translucent, turn up the heat, add the mussels and a dash of white wine and put the lid on the pan. Allow the mussels to steam for two or three minutes in the covered pan (or until all of them have opened). Add a dash of double cream and some chopped parsley to the juice in the bottom of the pan, stir, check the seasoning and serve immediately with some fresh crusty bread.

We'd recommend accompanying your mussels dish with Lyme Bay Shoreline or Château De La Ragotière Muscadet.


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