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Stay focused, healthy and safe

Stay focused, healthy and safe

Please be assured that in these difficult times we take your safety and that of our staff very seriously and we are doing our utmost to ensure that everyone in the chain of delivery, from here all the way through to the clients stays safe.

That said, we are still open for business on the website and you can easily have your favourite wine delivered safely to your door. Simply browse our selection on our website, order online and it will be our pleasure to get it to you.

Recently, we have received a shipment from a new partner in Austria, Weingut Stadlmann based in the Thermen Region just south of Vienna. The wines are absolutely stunning and each grape variety is a joy to drink in its own right. But if these are not for you, we still have good stocks of all of the old favourites.

What’s more, there is always someone here who knows our catalogue of wines inside and out and can always be reached with a simple e-mail and if you want, we can ring you back to discuss your specific requirements.
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