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Wine Pairing For Game Dishes

Dates for the game shooting season:

Grouse: August 12th until December 10th
Partridge season: From September 1st
Duck and geese: From September 1st
Pheasant: From October 1st

With the start of the game shooting season it’s time to select from an array of red wines to match perfectly with your game dishes. We also have some helpful hints and tips to enhance your dining experience.

Game needs to be hung for a week or so to enhance its flavour so it becomes tender and tastier. A great dish for wild duck, or other game, is a no fuss, slow cooked casserole, perfect for wintery nights.

We’d recommend serving this with our Domaine De La Coume Du Roy Alma Carignan, this quite spicy wine cuts through the richness and the strong wild flavours of the casserole leaving the palate fresh.

Many reds that pair well with game need to be decanted. If you don’t have a decanter, you can pour the wine into a jug then back into the bottle, giving extra oxygen to the wine that will amplify the flavours.
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