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Wine Producer Of The Month - Bodegas Anadas

Wine Producer Of The Month - Bodegas Anadas

Born in the year 2000, Bodegas Anadas manage to combine the best of the
traditions of viticulture and winemaking in the Aragon DO of Carinena whilst
applying modern techniques to the whole process.

It was the coming together of the Diaz and Lazero families who shared the
philosophy of producing contemporary wines of the highest quality whilst
maintaining a terrific price/quality rapport. After 10 years the local Aragonese
Academy of Gastronomy awarded them the prize of being “The Best Winery in
Aragon”, an accolade which was and still is, justly deserved.

The vineyards, the beating heart of any winery, after all this is really where
great wines are made, can basically be divided into two main estates, Finca
Bancales and Finca Cadillos, each one being 50 hectares large. Throughout
these two estates are a variety of soil types and thus each grape variety can be
planted to the most suitable position in order to give strength, personality and
character to the final wine.

As for the winery, it has been equipped with the most up-to-date technology
to enable the very best possibilities for making high quality wines. This in
conjunction with such techniques as night harvesting mean that when, finally,
the fruit arrives in the winery, the best possible chance is given to make
incredible wines. But this also allows for the control of costs thus generating
better value.

The wines are of great character and the reds especially have a predominant
note of the Mediterranean with Grenache and Carignan being the stars. Rose
wine is produced by bleeding from the reds which gives wines that are ideal for
summer drinking while at the same time strengthening the reds. And if it were
possible to taste sunshine, the whites would be packed with its flavour.
All together these are wonderful wines that you miss at your peril. They all suit
drinking by themselves but are equally good with foods and remember, all of
the wines are suitable for vegans.

To view of all their wines, please click here.


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