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Wine Producer Of The Month - Corte Adami

Wine Producer Of The Month - Corte Adami

This fine estate with offices and cellars based in the heart of the town of Soave, is run in exemplary fashion by the Adami family and has been since 2004 when two brothers, Angelo and Andrea, decided to branch out from simply grape growing which the family had done for generations and they decided to make their own wines. 

The family now farm 36 hectares of vines split between Soave and Valpolicella although some are sold to other wineries prior to vinification. The desire of the family to only produce the finest wines means they are strict in selection of grapes and also in the way they tend the vines. Short pruning and cluster thinning are the order of the day and the resulting fruit is first class. 

Their Soave vineyard, Castelcerino, is a wonderful parcel of land and gives the full spectrum of white wines. In addition to the simple and fruity Soave there is also a Soave Superiore – Vigna della Corte – which is from 40 year old vines and which is picked slightly later than the rest of the white harvest thus imparting some tropical fruit notes. It’s a wonderful wine that fits so well with many different dishes. The Soave Classico is from the very highest part of the hill and thus benefits from a slightly longer hang time for the bunches in the vineyard. This in turn gives the final wine more mineral notes. It makes a superb aperitif but is also a wonderful partner to shellfish.

Over in Valpolicella, each particular valley offers something different to the vine thanks to the individual microclimates. The vineyards are based in the eastern part of the region and not only do they produce delicious Valpolicella Superiore but also some of the finest Valpolicella Ripassi and the ultimate in Amarone della Valpolicella. These are wines that are superb to drink now but which have some great longevity. 

Back over in Soave, there is a jewel in the crown in the form of a Recioto di Soave, a stunning dessert wine that s luscious and silky. For this the grapes are dried for almost 4 months, intensifying not only the sugars but also the acidity. In turn, the wine is so full of fruit, deliciously sweet and incredibly refreshing that you can drink this as an aperitif to enliven the palate if you enjoy sweet things, but it is also delicious with fruit desserts and pastries.

All in all this is a first class estate that makes a wonderful array of wines to suit just about any occasion. 

To browse all their wines, please click here.

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