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Wine Reviews - Dogliani DOCG Sori Dij But

An absolutely classic Piemontese red that's simply packed with red fruits such as raspberry and plum with notes of violets above. It was vinified solely in stainless steel so there's no oak influence to muddy the flavours and aromas. It's fresh and lively and just the thing to drink with pasta with a meat sauce or even roast meats.

This was the first wine from Anna Maria that we encountered and ever since it has remained a firm favourite of everyone at Gerrard Seel.

Of all the various forms of Dolcetto that one encounters in the Langhe, Dogliani for us is the best and Anna Maria is top of the tree.

It's laden with fruit and just works so well in every season with the food available or even just to sip and savour as an aperitif with a piece of cheese or salami.

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