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Free Delivery on all orders of £75 and over.

Wine Talk

  • A Tasty Pot Roast Pheasant Recipe!
    November 1, 2021 Roger Barlow

    A Tasty Pot Roast Pheasant Recipe!

    Years ago, when game wasn’t specially reared for shooting to the same extent as today, getting hold of a pheasant was a real luxury but nowadays the poor creatures are so tame that they will virtually look down the barrel...

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  • Hallowine - Trick or treat?
    October 19, 2021 Roger Barlow

    Hallowine - Trick or treat?

    Sunday 31st sees the celebration of Halloween or, as we like to call it, Hallowine! No matter if you're apple bobbing or wandering around with a pumpkin hollowed out with a candle inside, it’s always better done with a glass...

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  • Foraging – Let’s go wild!
    October 12, 2021 Roger Barlow

    Foraging – Let’s go wild!

    Foraging is simply the gathering of wild foods from hedgerows and woodlands, something our ancestors used to do always and that is now coming back into fashion. It can be great fun and very often the flavour of the wild...

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  • How the Moon Affects Wine Production
    October 5, 2021 Roger Barlow

    How the Moon Affects Wine Production

    Over recent years, people have become increasingly interested in the ethical production of food and drink. Organic agriculture has become extremely popular and one step beyond is the Biodynamic approach to growing both food and grapes for the production of...

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  • A taste of Alsace
    September 28, 2021 Roger Barlow

    A taste of Alsace

    Some years ago, I went with a party of clients to the fairytale land of Alsace in the autumn time when the Alsatian larder was at its best. We went for dinner at the Michelin starred Auberge du L’Ill in...

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  • Last of the summer wine
    September 21, 2021 Roger Barlow

    Last of the summer wine

    I don’t know about you but up here in the north of England we don’t really seem to have had a brilliant summer. Better than our partners over on the continent who have endured some awful hailstorms that have devastated...

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  • A little taste of Austria
    September 14, 2021 Roger Barlow

    A little taste of Austria

    One of the greatest and most simple dishes of the Austrian repertoire is the Wiener Schnitzel or Viennese Cutlet. One of these washed down with a refreshing glass of Gruner Veltliner makes for an excellent lunch. It’s very similar to...

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  • Chablis Wine - All You Need To Know!
    September 7, 2021 Roger Barlow

    Chablis Wine - All You Need To Know!

    Chablis is possibly the world’s most famous white wine. When at its best it is incredible and packed with flavour but it can also be downright awful and extremely overpriced. As with all Burgundy, you must forget the name of...

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