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9.5 Cold Wine

9.5 Cold Wine

9.5 Cold Wine is the result of an encounter between nature and technology, flavour and fun, pleasure and moderation. With a nod to moderate alcohol consumption, the Nine Dot Five name bears testament to its low alcoholic content, making it a more accessible drink that retains the fruity flavours and elegance of a Prosecco or Glera based wine. Nice work, Astoria Vini!

It is the careful selection of a particular type of cryophilic yeast, one that can ferment the grape juice at extremely low temperatures (around 9.5°C) for 30 to 35 days, that produces a wine that is fruity yet complex. Hence the name of 9.5 Cold Wine.

Cycling fans may already be familiar with these wines as 9.5 Cold Wine is a long-time sponsor of the Giro D'Italia.