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A taste of Italy

Italy is well known for its bold reds but lesser so for its crisp and refreshing whites. Here’s a handful that are above the Pinot Grigio basics that will be great for either summer drinking or with some good seasonal foods.

Gewurztraminer Geck – Astoria Vini

A great little wine from the Trentino area that has all of the ripe and spicy characteristics of the grape variety without being overly pungent. It has an elegant bouquet of rose petals and lychee, a fresh and vibrant palate with fruit foremost, and a generous yet not overblown aftertaste that lingers well. A wonderful wine to accompany Asian cuisine or simply to drink as an aperitif in the sunshine.

Soave Classico Cimalta – Corte Adami

This Soave Classico is straw yellow with a delicate greenish hue. The nose is delicately floral with ripe yellow fruit and a chalky, citrus edge. Refreshing and lengthy on the palate, this uniquely minerally, almost saline Soave also has plenty of ripe, citrusy fruit that lingers all the way through the finish. A high peak vineyard and a high peak of winemaking.

Favorita Alissa – Ciabot Berton

Coming from the Roero hills to the north of Alba, the hilly location and sandy soils give great freshness to this wine. The fragrance of the fruit is retained thanks to gentle pressing and to temperature-controlled wine making in stainless steel vats. Because it is relatively low in alcohol by modern standards, it allows the fresh fruit character to dominate the nose and the palate. 

Riesling L’Alman – Anna Maria Abbona

A wine that was made from youngish vines - around 15 years - grown in the clay and calcareous marl of the Alta Langhe. This gives a mineral edge to the wine and the altitude of the vineyards - around 500 meters - ensures the acidity remains fresh and crisp. The end result is a wine that has bright aromas of green apples with some notes of petrol developing even at this young age. It's wonderfully refreshing and will partner well with a wide variety of dishes especially freshwater fish such as trout or salmon.

Annachiara – Tenamenti Spinsanti

This special white wine is a pale golden yellow colour. The nose is packed with fruit and has complex notes of citrus fruits, tomato leaves with tropical fruit behind such as lychee. In the mouth, it is fresh and vibrant with a near-perfect balance of fruit and acidity which really makes the palate come alive. It is fairly long in the aftertaste too so it's very much a white wine that ticks all the boxes.

Grillo di Sicilia – Lamura

Made from 100% organically grown Grillo grapes, the unique indigenous grape variety of Sicily, the wine is extremely characterful with a distinct floral bouquet. The palate is fresh yet well-rounded with loads of citrus and tropical fruit flavours balanced by a perfect level of acidity that refreshes and enlivens the palate. Organic certified and suitable for vegans. The proximity to the coast of Marsala's vineyards and this together with the ever-present sunshine makes organic farming easy to achieve. Great care has been taken to keep the pure fruit properties of the Grillo grape and it is quite unusual to find a truly organic and certified wine at this price point. It's simply delicious to drink and is almost like having some sunshine in a glass.