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6 Great Wines for Shellfish

by Mixed

Shellfish tends to be something that you either love or hate but lovers of it will go to any lengths to get their hands on some fresh and tasty morsels. Because of the saline qualities and the fairly delicate nature of the little fellows, crisp dry whites are best in our opinion and here we have selected 6 different whites for you to enjoy.

Petit Chablis - Domaine Vrignaud

The crisp, fresh and mineral style of this wine makes it a wonderful pairing with oysters of shellfish in general. Over the years we've eaten numerous Plateaux de Fruits de Mer washed down with a bottle (or two) of Petit Chablis and never have our palates been disappointed. A dozen oysters and a couple of glasses of the zingy chardonnay from the mineral rich soils of the area are just the ticket to get the juices flowing. 

Picpoul de Pinet - Vignobles Canet

Down in the Languedoc where this delightful white wine comes from is the Etang de Thau, the perfect place for oysters and where they are bred. The wine is a sensational partner seafood and shellfish of all types but most especially shellfish. Close to the town of Sete, I remember well sitting outside early in the year on the way to a wine fair. This was our stop for the night and the enjoyment derived from a dozen oysters and a bottle of Picpoul caused us to go in search of it the following day which is how we came to meet Floris Lemstra from Chateau Canet. An aperitif well spent!

Gruner Veltliner - Weingut Stadlmann

Although Austria is land-locked, this delicious Gruner Veltliner is just the thing for shellfish. The slight citric notes of lemon and lime alongside the fresh, crunchy acidity and mineral under-pinning ,make this a perfect partner for shellfish. Dry, crisp and so very appealing, 

Rioja Blanco - Vina del Oja

This fresh and lively white Rioja is made from 100% Viura grapes grown in and around the village of Labastida. Thanks to the controlled low temperature of the fermentation it has an abundance of fresh fruit aromas and flavours balanced on the palate with a crisp, fresh acidity that makes the palate come alive. It pairs so very well with a wide variety of shellfish and delivers great quality.

Fuente Milano - Viura/Verdejo

Verdejo Viura is a brilliant greenish-yellow colour, its elegant nose displays the classic, gently herbal notes of Verdejo which are softened by the tropical fruit-scented Viura. In the mouth, Fuente Milano has a range of very fresh, white and yellow fruits which give complexity. The acidity level is perfect and really brings the palate to life. 

Favorita "Alissa" - Ciabot Berton

Although this Piemontese white wine would normally be associated with poultry or freshwater fish, it makes a wonderful partner to shellfish. The palate is graceful and fresh, leading to a vibrant finish and with notes of citrus. Favorita is the local name for the grape variety but it is the same as Vermentino which is the staple diet of Provence white wines. A real joy to the palate and certainly not to be missed.