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In June, will be changing to - Read more
In June, will be changing to - Read more

Anna Maria Abbona - the taste of the Langhe Hills

For many people, the Langhe hills in the Piemonte, northwest Italy, is the heart  of the finest gastronomy in the country. Although there is no coastline so sea fish is not in abundance, there are rivers and lakes where freshwater fish can be found. There are plenty of the various meats and in the winter, game is abundant with deer and wild boar available as well as feathered game. But let’s not forget the vegetable sauces for which Italy is also famous which can create some delicious pasta dishes. 

All in all, there is something for everyone. One of our more recent partnerships is with Anna Maria Abbona who is based close to Dogliani in the Alta Langhe which is famous for its Dolcetto wines. Anna Maria has this in several forms as well as Nebbiolo and from the Monforte area she also produces Barolo. On the back of the Alta Langhe hills, she has some stunning Riesling vineyards and more recently, she has planted Pinot Noir which will be available soon. They are planted on the less sunny side of the hills to keep freshness and acidity in the wines.

Why not rustle up some true Piemontese dishes and enjoy these wines?