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Astoria Prosecco

Spring is well and truly with us, and I have already had a barbecue – admittedly in Italy! – but as it starts to warm up here more of us will start to have barbecue parties in the garden and what better way of getting the whole thing going than a glass of bubbles. Astoria Prosecco has been the flavour of the month for some time now so we thought it would be a good idea to put some of the delicious and beautifully packaged items from their range on offer.

The Prosecco Galie from Treviso is one of our top-selling wines from our range and always delights those who drink it. The Prosecco Corderie is from the Valdobbiadene vineyards and is perhaps the finest of their range if you like your wines Extra Dry, but there is also the wine from Asolo, Fano, which is Extra Brut and really delights those who prefer something drier. 

If Rosé is more your thing, why not try the Prosecco Rosé Valere which is simply delicious. Bright red fruit flavours and aromas, it is pale pink in colour with a fine bead of bubbles that really bring the palate to life. In addition to the berry fruits, there are also some floral notes. It is perfectly balanced in the mouth with a perfect level of acidity to get the juices flowing and in the finish, there is just a faint hint of sweetness.