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Beaune Premier Cru

Beaune Premier Cru wines are those made under the strictest conditions of the Beaune appellation in Burgundy, and from grapes grown exclusively in the commune's premier cru-classified vineyards.

Beaune has 42 premier cru climats – more than any other commune in Burgundy – and also tops the chart for the total surface area under vine. A total of 77% of Beaune's vineyard land is classified as premier cru – placing it, in percentage terms, second only to the tiny commune of Vougeot.

Beaune's name is widely recognised and is associated with reliable quality, rather than a particular excellence or defining style. In the days when the name was an umbrella title for local wines – including those now recognised as grand cru – it was held in higher regard.

The expanse of premier cru land that Beaune has at its disposal stretches right across the commune, from its boundaries with Savigny-lès-Beaune in the north to Pommard in the south.

The soils here have a higher proportion of sand than is found in the rest of the Côte d'Or escarpment, meaning that the wines tend to lack the body and structure of neighbouring Pommard and Corton, yet also fail to achieve the elegance of Volnay reds. There is a recognised correlation between the clay content of vineyard soils and the body of the wines they create. The difference in styles across the 2.5 miles (4.1km) that separate Beaune from Volnay, and Volnay from Pommard, is testament to this and is a key to the mysteries of Burgundy wines.

Beaune Premier Cru includes 42 different climats, listed here:

- A l'Ecu
- Aux Coucherias
- Aux Cras
- Belissand
- Blanches Fleurs
- Champs Pimont
- Clos de l'Ecu
- Clos de la Feguine
- Clos de la Mousse
- Clos des Avaux
- Clos des Ursules
- Clos du Roi
- En Genêt
- En l'Orme
- La Mignotte
- Le Bas des Teurons
- Le Clos des Mouches
- Les Aigrots
- Les Avaux
- Les Boucherottes
- Les Bressandes
- Les Cents Vignes
- Les Chouacheux
- Les Epenotes
- Les Fèves
- Les Grèves
- Les Marconnets
- Les Montrevenots
- Les Perrières
- Les Reversés
- Les Sceaux
- Les Seurey
- Les Sizies
- Les Teurons
- Les Toussaints
- Les Tuvilains
- Les Vignes Franches
- Montée Rouge
- Pertuisots
- Sur les Grèves
- Sur les Grèves-Clos Sainte-Anne
- Clos Saint-Landry

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