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Bodegas Pedro Escudero

Bodegas Pedro Escudero

The Bodegas Pedro Escudero is situated in the heart of the Rueda DO on the outskirts of the village of La Seca. A new 2600 square metre winery with the latest equipment is employed to produce bright, modern and very appealing Verdejo-based wines.

For several generations now, the Escudero family has been the heir to a line of grape growers who are dedicated to their land and to the customs and the traditions regarding the cultivation of their vines. The family owns a vineyard planted with 65ha of Verdejo and 10ha of Viura. The name of this vineyard is "Fuente Elvira" and its soil, which is famously rocky, is some of the most highly regarded in the Rueda district.

The Escudero family, and patriarch Pedro in particular, are recognised as being some of the very best grape growers in all of Rueda. Pedro Escudero is often approached by neighbours looking for advice about vineyard issues. The Escudero family has only been bottling its own wines since 2002, although they had been growing and selling grapes for a number of years prior to this.

At Bodegas Pedro Escudero, traditional viticulture without fertilisers or pesticides and the gentle vinification of the grapes are core principles in the pursuit of quality wines. The winery farms its vineyards organically, but it doesn't feel the need to pursue organic certification.