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Free delivery with orders over £150.


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Grape Variety






If you prefer the idea of a one-stop-shop to browsing through our website, or if you're happy to trust us to put together a selection that takes the guesswork out of buying wines online, we've assembled a collection of six and twelve bottle cases that shows off the quality that Gerrard Seel can offer. These cases are a great way to try something new, they'll be much appreciated if given as a gift or they can simply be an easy way to restock your wine rack - we're sure you'll enjoy them whatever the occasion.

  • Cool Climate Riesling
    from £85.75

    Cool Climate Riesling


    What is a cool climate? Well, basically it’s one that allows the acidity to be protected thus ensuring a crisp and lithe style of wine where the fr...

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    from £85.75