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Free Delivery on all orders of £75 and over.
Free Delivery on all orders of £75 and over.

Cave de Buxy - White Burgundy

The Cave des Vignerons de Buxy is a Cooperative cellar with 120 members. This cellar is now partnered with other cooperative cellars throughout Burgundy and it is by far the largest producer of the wines of Montagny. 

It was founded back in 1931 and since this time it has been one of the greatest players in southern Burgundy helping each family grow better grapes and therefore increase the quality of the cellar’s wines. Basically, the farmers grow the grapes and the cooperative cellar makes the wines, a great partnership.

Although we have known of the cellar since our company began, we seldom had cause to buy their wines as there was a multitude of small estates to buy from. But with the recent increase in the cost of the Burgundy wines and with their attractive pricing policy, we decided to take the plunge and go buying. 

We only take three wines from them and despite the fact that the prices have risen quite substantially this year, we still feel that they make excellent white Burgundy at an affordable price.