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Champagne Guy Charlemagne

Champagne Guy Charlemagne

Champagne Guy Charlemagne is situated in the heart of the Cote des Blancs in the village of Le Mesnil sur Oger. As father to son wine growers since 1892, they only harvest and vinify grapes from their own vineyards. As a family business where tradition finds its path, they wish to share with you the values of their prestigious terroir by highlighting the quality and authenticity of their dream.

Philippe is a most genial man and, as we find with all of the greatest wine makers, his relaxed yet professional style shines through with each of his wines. 

Grower Champagnes, unlike those of the mass market major houses, are fashioned to not only express a house style, but also to let the characteristics of their various vineyard sites shine through in each cuvee. Philippe manages this in spades and, with the family being blessed with vineyards in Le Mesnil sur Oger and Oger, two of the most prestigious Grand Crus of the whole of the Champagne vineyard, he has a great basis to craft the finest of Champagnes.

The scattering of individual vineyard plots throughout the two villages give Philippe Charlemagne a palette of base wines with which to fashion the very finest of Blanc de Blanc Champagnes.

Everything about the process of turning grapes into Champagne is traditional, from the hand harvesting to the traditional 4000 kilo presses, the first vinification in stainless steel (a part in oak too for the Mesnillesime Cuvee) to the blending of the base wines. It is this last stage where Philippe really excels marrying the different aromatic and flavour components that, after secondary fermentation in bottle and ageing in the cellars, will give a Champagne of the finest quality that truly expresses a sense of terroir.