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Chateau Canet

For many people, the summertime means a trip to the south of France and enjoying the gastronomic delights that it has to offer. Unfortunately, thanks to Brexit we are now limited once again to the amount of alcohol we can bring back to enjoy at home. So to help you restock the gaps in your wine rack, we are offering a 15% discount on all of the Chateau Canet wines. 

This exceptional estate, close to the city of Carcassonne, offers both white and red wines that are excellent food wines and offer a full spectrum from inexpensive, daily drinking selections to full-on blockbusters that still won’t break the bank but which will rival some of the best offerings from not only France but throughout the world. 

If you haven’t tried these wines before, do give them a try. There is something for everyone in the selection and they are really great value.