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Château Ksara

Château Ksara

The history of Château Ksara dates back to 1857, when a determined group of Jesuit monks decided to make a wine like no other. Although their wines were mainly made for use in religious services, it was the hard work and vision of these pioneers that laid the foundations for Lebanon’s modern wine industry. They applied their knowledge of science and agriculture to plant French vines when no one in the Bekaa believed they would yield good fruit.

Château Ksara is not only Lebanon’s oldest winery, it is also one of Lebanon’s oldest and most successful businesses. Château Ksara’s 150 years of uninterrupted wine production, uniterrupted even through times of violent change and upheaval, is a truly remarkable achievement. It is also a source of immense national pride, for the Ksara name and the wine are woven deeply into Lebanon’s modern heritage.

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