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Côte De Nuits

The Côte De Nuits is a paradise for Pinot Noir and as a result it is no surprise that this region mainly produces red wines. The reputation of the Côte De Nuits is well established, housing as it does so many of Burgundy’s grand cru red wine appellations, leading some to christen this exceptional area the Champs-Elysées of Burgundy. This pseudonym also reflects geographic reality: the Côte De Nuits is a narrow strip of hillside located between Dijon and Corgoloin that is approximately 20km long and, in parts, only 200m wide.

The Côte De Nuits consists of numerous prestigious appellations, all of which invoke reverence the world over.

Côte De Nuits Grands Crus Appellations:
Côte De Nuits Villages Appellations, some of which have specific plots classified as Premiers Crus: