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Free Delivery on all orders of £75 and over.

Domaine Darragon

June in the Loire Valley is a wonderful month and as well as the many Chateaux
to visit there are also some remarkable gardens to admire, Villandry being just
one. But in Vouvray there is a wonderful wine fair where the young growers
offer their wines for tasting at Troglovinum, taking its name from the families
that still live in caves along the Loire Valley.

Domaine Darragon is one such family, a family that we have worked with for
the last 30 odd years. The quality of their wines is second to none and it is
certainly Chenin Blanc at its very best.

Vouvray is a wine that comes in many guises from sparkling to dry, medium
and even rich (moelleux) so it will cover a great spectrum of tastes and
flavours. Although we don’t stock any of the sparkling wines, we have some
great examples of the dry and medium.

The Vouvray Sec “Les Tuffes” from the 2019 vintage is a simply stunning wine
with delicious apple fruit balanced by a mineral undercarriage and a bright and
very refreshing acidity. The aromas burst from the glass and when the wine has
finally left your palate, the lingering flavour is long and very fresh. Just the
thing to drink with some fine fish or shellfish but it will be equally at home with
chicken or roasted Guinea Fowl. Try it, you'll love it.

Vouvray Heritage Demi Sec is a top class, medium-dry Vouvray that shows just
how good Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley can be. It is silky, luscious and
well rounded with a subtle sweetness but only sufficient to bring out the
delicious flavour of green apples which are supported by a wonderful acidity. If
you never tasted a Vouvray demi-sec before, start here because it really is
the epitome of great wine. The sugar level is 15 grams per litre but you'd never

Chenin Blanc can live for decades and to prove the point we have a 1990
Vouvray Demi-Sec. It is an absolutely stunning Vouvray Demi-Sec from one of
the greatest vintages of the last century. 

The finish is again quite amazing and so long. A
superb wine. How to drink it? Well perhaps on your knees!! A great
experience. A rich liver pate would be sensational with this, black and white
pudding too which was offered when I first tried it or maybe simply fried wild
mushrooms. Whatever you put with it, it's sure to bring a smile to your face.
Do try these wines, they are sure to please and they make incredible additions
to food. Enjoy!