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Domaine De La Croix

Domaine De La Croix

Established in 1882, Domaine De La Croix covers an area of 180 hectares, of which 100 hectares are planted with vines in the Cru Classé of Provence. Located at the foot of the village of La Croix Valmer in the heart of the St. Tropez peninsula, the estate has sites both close to the beach and also in the hills above and this variation in terroir gives complexity to the final wines.

In 2001, Group Bolloré acquired the domaine with the aim of showcasing the excellence of its distinguished terroir. Back in 1955, a cru classé system was devised which applied to only 18 of the region's finest properties; Domaine De La Croix was one of these. It took eight years to complete the domaine's metamorphosis: a winery arose from the renovation of the ancient farm and a substantial subterranean cellar was created.

Thanks to its audacious and elegant architecture, the winery integrates perfectly into magnificent vineyards and pine forests, participating in the conservation of the coast. The soil naturally insulates the cellar. The water is recycled, leading the vineyard to integrated agriculture. Vast spaces are dedicated to receiving guests, tasting, sharing an authentic passion for the land and the wines of the Domaine De La Croix.

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