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Domaine Du P'tit Paradis

Domaine Du P'tit Paradis

The tiny 3.45 hectare Domaine Du P'tit Paradis has been run by Denise Margerand for nearly thirty years and the estate certainly lives up to its name. Situated amongst a sea of vines in the vineyards of Chénas, looking out over the Saône River across the plain to the Alps, on a clear day you can see Mont Blanc: truly a little piece of paradise.

The quality of the wines produced at P'tit Paradis matches the quality of the views: they are some of the finest that Beaujolais has to offer. Not the light, ephemeral offerings of those grown on the plain, but wines packed with ripe fruit flavours, notes of exotic spice and ripe tannins that are both fun to drink in their youth and a pleasure to enjoy as they age. If you've never tasted Beaujolais before or if you are yet to be charmed by the allure of Gamay, try the wines of P'tit Paradis and we're certain that you'll fall in love with them.

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