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Domaine Eric Boigelot - Meursault

This small estate based in Meursault with vines in Pommard, Monthelie and Volnay has been an excellent find. Eric Boigelot and his charming wife Patricia run an impecable domaine colse to the centre of Meursault. They both had training at the Lycee Viticole in Beaune (where they met) before Eric moved on to his fathers estate which had been founded in 1960.

In 1991, Eric and Patricia founded their own estate which was first located in Monthelie before finally re-locating to Meursault in 1998. They have a son who is currently training at the Lycee Viticole also who has also worked at Domaines Coche Dury and Francois Carillon and he will join the family domaine before too long.

This is a superb estate that offer wines of great quality and value. We would particularly point you to their Monthelie wines, both red and white that give true Burgundian taste whilst remaining at affordable prices.

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