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Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru

Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru wines are those produced under the Gevrey-Chambertin appellation, exclusively from grapes grown on premier cru-classified vineyard sites. Gevrey-Chambertin, a village in the Côte de Nuits sub-region of Burgundy, has no fewer than 26 premier cru climats.

All Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru wines are red, made from Pinot Noir. Widely regarded as being the most full-bodied and masculine of the region, the village's wines have a particular intensity of colour and rich, deep flavours which have earned Gevrey the title "King of Burgundy" (the "Queen" being nearby Chambolle-Musigny). The distinguishing feature of these wines is their intensity, longevity and a distinctive gamey note not found in the wine of any other Burgundy commune.

The premier cru vineyards of Gevrey-Chambertin are divided quite neatly into two sections. The majority are located on the upper Côte d'Or slopes immediately west of the village, while a few are situated around the edges of the village's grand cru sites just to the south. The highest vineyards lie at an altitude of around 1,200ft (365m), making them some of the most elevated in the Côte d'Or.

The terroir here is characterised by a marginal continental climate and red, iron-rich, loam soils over marlstone and limestone sub-strata. As in Pommard – which is also known for producing powerful wines from rich, reddish soils – the gamey character of Gevrey-Chambertin's wines is attributed to the iron content of the soil.

Amongst the premier cru vineyards, there are some that are regarded more highly than others; two in particular – Clos Saint-Jacques and Les Cazetiers – are cited as being of grand cru quality. These neighbouring sites benefit from excellent viticultural conditions and some of their wines command higher prices than those of their grand cru counterparts lower down. The two vineyards are located immediately above the village itself, where the steep slope has a sunny aspect facing a few points south of east and the stony topsoils provide excellent drainage.

When the Gevrey-Chambertin vineyards were classified in the 1930s, a key condition for those being awarded grand cru status was that they should be adjacent to the great Chambertin Grand Cru. The result is that some lesser terroir now benefits from this superlative title, while excellent sites like the two discussed above are not included.

Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru vineyards occupy the upper slopes at heights of between 280 and 380 metres and the 26 premier cru climats are:

- Au Closeau
- Aux Combottes
- Bel Air
- Champeaux
- Champonnet
- Cherbaudes
- Clos des Varoilles
- Clos du Chapitre
- Clos Prieur
- Clos Saint-Jacques
- Combe au Moine
- Craipillot
- En Ergot
- Estournelles-Saint-Jacques
- Fonteny
- Issarts
- La Bossière
- La Perrière
- La Romanée
- Lavaut Saint-Jacques
- Les Cazetiers
- Les Corbeaux
- Les Goulots
- Petite Chapelle
- Petits Cazetiers
- Poissenot

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