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Henye Dereszla Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos


Henye Dereszla Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos shows beautiful balance and complexity. Glazed peach and honey overflow from the nose, counterbalanced by lovely earthy nuances. On the palate, deep, roasted fruit notes are complemented by lively, fresh apricot and quince. This Tokaji is at once luscious yet sprightly, with a beautiful blossomy scent and a very fresh finish.

Country: Hungary
Region: Tokaji
Vintage: 2016
Colour: White
Grape Variety: Furmint, Hárslevelű
ABV: 11 %
Bottle Size: 50cl
Closure: Natural cork
Style: Apricot and quince
Drink With: Bitter chocolate desserts or a fine cigar

The original meaning of the Hungarian word Aszú was "dried", but the term eventually came to be associated with the type of wine made from shrivelled, botrytis-affected grapes. The process of making Aszú wine is as follows. Aszú berries are picked individually, collected in huge vats and trampled into a paste (known as Aszú dough). Unfermented grape must or light wine is poured onto the Aszú dough and is left for 24-48 hours before being racked off into wooden casks or vats where fermentation is completed and the Aszú wine matures. The casks are stored in a cool environment and are not tightly closed so that a slow fermentation process can continue in cask, often for several years.

The concentration of Aszú wine was traditionally defined by the number of puttony (25kg baskets or hods) of dough added to a gönc (136 litre barrel) of must. Nowadays, the puttony number is based upon the content of sugar and sugar-free extract in the mature wine. Aszú wines range from 1 puttonyos to 6 puttonyos in sweetness, with a further category called Aszú-Eszencia which is the undiluted free-run juice of the Aszú grapes.