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Maison Champy

Maison Champy

Founded in 1720, Champy is probably the oldest negociant company in Burgundy. Champy has remained a small, family run business; its guiding principle is not to grow significantly but instead to fulfil its role as a boutique negociant, consistently producing artisanal wines that wholly express the nuances of their Burgundian terroirs.

The production philosophy is to control yields so as not to dilute the influence of the terroir, which is crucial for the production of wines of character. Champy’s regional and village level wines are approachable and emphasise consistency of quality and supply, whilst its premier and grand cru wines maximise their potential and are vinified in an altogether more ageworthy style. All of the wines offer a unique combination of balance, elegance and purity of fruit.

The grapes for Champy’s wines come from two sources. Champy acquired its own 25 hectare estate in 1990, the vineyards of which are all in the Côte De Beaune. Grapes from other appellations, mainly in the Côte De Nuits, are sourced through long standing contracts with local winegrowers.

Champy’s commitment to the environment means that all treatments in the estate vineyards are sustainable, organic and biodynamic. Work in the vineyard is based around the cycles of the moon, and no pesticides or herbicides are used. Champy is moving into an exciting new phase as the estate vineyards have been awarded organic certification.

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