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Mercurey Premier Cru

Mercurey Premier Cru wines are those produced from the premier cru vineyards of the Mercurey appellation. Mercurey itself is a small village in the Côte Chalonnaise sub-region of Burgundy, producing predominantly red wine from the Pinot Noir grape variety and a small quantity of white wine from Chardonnay.

Around a quarter of Mercurey's 1,600 acres (650ha) of vineyard is classified as premier cru, accounting for 30 officially recognised and delimited vineyard sites. Wines from these sites may append their vineyard names to the Mercurey Premier Cru appellation title. The current list of 32 Mercurey Premier Crus is the product of several reviews, carried out in 1990, 1997 and 2003. They are required to meet slightly more stringent conditions than the appellation's other wines – namely a higher level of alcohol (+0.5%) and a higher minimum level of berry ripeness (+8%) before harvest.

The Mercurey Premier Cru vineyards are clustered together close to the village itself, bisected by the main access road. The slopes here are south and south-east-facing, providing the vines with maximum exposure to the available sunlight.

The 23 Mercurey Premier Cru climats are:

- Clos de Paradis
- Clos des Barraults
- Clos des Grands Voyens
- Clos des Myglands
- Clos Marcilly
- Clos Tonnerre
- Clos Voyens
- Grand Clos Fortoul
- Griffères
- La Bondue
- La Cailloute
- La Chassière
- La Levrière
- La Mission
- Le Clos du Roy
- Le Clos l'Evêque
- Les Byots
- Les Champs Martin
- Les Combins
- Les Crêts
- Les Croichots
- Les Fourneaux
- Les Montaigus
- Les Naugues
- Les Puillets
- Les Ruelles
- Les Saumonts
- Les Vasées
- Les Velley
- Sazenay

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