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Paul Cluver

Paul Cluver

Based in South Africa's cool climate region of Elgin, the Paul Cluver winery is internationally acclaimed for producing wines of great elegance and finesse. The hallmark of Paul Cluver is really the expression of the Elgin terroir by creating wines with fruit intensity, balance and elegance.

Paul Cluver wines are the result of a close-knit family. Guided by Dr. Paul Cluver, world-renowned neurosurgeon, apple farmer and chairman of Capespan and Vinfruco, the estate is run by his son and general manager Paul Cluver junior. The winemaker Andries Burger is married to Paul Junior's sister, Inge Cluver, who also works in the business with her sisters Karin and Liesl.

Paul Cluver Wines is situated in Elgin on the De Rust estate. De Rust has been in the family since 1896. Dr. Cluver has long been a supporter of conservation projects, officially undertaking projects of his own on the estate from 1970. Dr. Cluver was involved in the establishment and development of Groenlandberg Conservancy and was appointed founding Chairman of this body in 1998. Today, the conservancy spans some 34,000ha, and includes the Groenlandberg and Nature Reserve, after which it is named. Over and above inclusion in the aforementioned conservancy, Paul Cluver Wines also forms part of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve area. The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve was the first Biosphere Reserve to be declared in southern Africa, and it forms part of UNESCO's world-wide network of Biosphere Reserves.

De Rust is also one of the first farms in South Africa to enter into a stewardship contract agreement with Cape Nature, the objective of which is to conserve the pristine habitat on the property in perpetuity by means of provisions attached to the property’s title deeds. The conserved area is in excess of 1000ha, and is now called the Cluver Family Reserve. It is being managed according to a management plan that was drawn up by staff of the Cape Nature Stewardship Programme. This reserve includes a game camp for antelope that used to thrive in the area.

The Paul Cluver property has 3 types of vegetation: Elgin Shale Fynbos, Western Ruens Shale Renosterveld and Kogelberg Sandstone Fynbos, the first two of which are critically endangered. Paul Cluver Wines is a member of the Green Mountain Eco Route, specifically focussed on developing tourism linked to biodiversity values. Should you visit, there are four cycle trails around the vineyards and nature reserve areas to help you see more of the flora and fauna whilst working up a thirst, and it would be well worth perusing the schedule of performances at the open air Hope @ Paul Cluver Amphitheatre - a 600 seat venue in the heart of a eucalyptus forest on the estate. All profits generated from the sales of tickets for these performances are donated to the Thembalitsha Foundation.