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Rolf Binder

Rolf Binder

Rolf Heinrich Binder and his wife, Franziska, arrived in Australia (from Austria and Hungary respectively) in 1950 as part of the large influx of post war immigration to Australia. By way of payment for the government assistance, they worked with the South Australian railways for three years. During that time they met Elmore Schulz, a train driver and grape grower in the Barossa Valley, and namesake of their neighbouring Barossa Valley Estate's E&E Shiraz. While picking grapes in Barossa in 1953, the couple met Langmeil Road winemakers Chris Vohrer and Wilhelm Abel and this meeting proved vital to their future. In 1954 they worked a vintage at this winery and subsequently purchased the business in 1955, renaming it "Veritas", taken from the Latin quote "In Vino Veritas" - in wine there is truth. The estate's name was changed from Veritas to Rolf Binder in 2005 to honour the late founder who passed away in 2003.

Rolf Binder and his sister Christa are the second generation of this wine family based in the heart of the Barossa Valley. After graduating from Roseworthy, Rolf joined his father in 1982 in their old winemaking shed in Langmeil Road. A new winery was built a short distance away in 1999, and their old wooden press also made the journey. This press is one of the keys to Rolf's winemaking style and, when asked how old it was, Rolf replied "They found the press but they didn't find the ark!" Christa has worked for various vineyards around the world and for Wolf Blass nearer home, specialising in white wine production. She has brought her expertise back to the family business to make the white wines and Rolf, with several overseas vintages of his own under his belt along with the secrets learnt at his father's side, creates great Barossa reds. This unique brother and sister winemaking team have taken Rolf Binder wines to the world.

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