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Sagrantino is a deeply coloured grape variety that produces one of central Italy's most tannic red wines. Though Sagrantino's origins are disputed, the region of Umbria – and in particular the area around the town of Montefalco ‒ has been the variety's home for centuries.

The grape's nature is most famously displayed in the Sagrantino di Montefalco region, where wines must be produced from at least 95% Sagrantino. The clay soils of Montefalco are dusted with sand and limestone pockets, which Sagrantino responds well to. Blends are permitted in the greater Montefalco DOC region.

Varietal Sagrantino is a dark and dense wine that is unique to Umbria. Its fruit profile ranges from black cherries to ripe blackberry, with many secondary spicy and earthy characteristics. A certain smokiness is sometimes noted in some examples, while sappy pine flavours have been observed in others. It is typically a wine that is both sweet and savoury.

Sagrantino's high tannins and affinity for oak mean that it matures particularly well, which is reflected in the stipulation in the local wine law that it must not be released until it has aged for at least 30 months. Fortunately, though, Sagrantino's tannins are more sweet than austere and modern examples can be quite approachable in their youth. Sagrantino is heavier bodied than Sangiovese, its traditional blending partner.

Often described as elusive and mysterious, Sagrantino is produced by only a handful of producers in Montefalco and it is hardly grown outside Italy at all. Consequently, its availability is limited, though an increase in international attention has seen a rekindling of interest in this intensely coloured grape.

Even rarer than the dry red wine crafted from Sagrantino and its blends are the varietal passito wines of Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG. These concentrated wines, made from semi-dried grapes, are comparable to vintage Port in their intensity and longevity.

Outside of Italy, Sagrantino has been experimentally planted in Australia, California and Argentina.

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