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Free Delivery on all orders of £75 and over.

Domaine Vrignaud Chablis Wines

Chablis is perhaps the best known white wine in the world yet because of its
fame it has been so easy for the growers to sell their stock, that little or no
attempt to produce quality was made by many estates. Things are a little
better these days but it is only the very finest of producers that can truly make
wines worthy of that fame and thus justify the price.

Guillaume Vrignaud is one such producer. He s a man that, like all true
Burgndian wine men, believe in terroir as the thing that sets them apart from
other producers. Without the terroir element the wines are simply

The estate owns 29 hectares of vineyards close to Fontenay pres Chablis
where the estate is based and in fact the winery is just at the bottom of the 1er
Cru of Fourchaume. All of the farming is organic and no chemical fertilizers
have been used for the last 20 years. Purity is the watchword here and
although he does make two cuvees in oak barrels, for us, the finest Chablis is
made without the use of barrel keeping the great freshness forward in the

Even the Petit Chablis has great minerality to underpin the fruit, something
which is unusual for the appellation. All of the wines have great freshness and
vitality with a clean clip of acidity when the wine has finished in the mouth.
From Petit Chablis through to Crand Cru Blanchots, the wines offer incredible
style and depth of flavour according to their level.

Do enjoy these wines, they are the epitome of great Chablis.