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Save on Cahors Wines

At the end of last year, we tasted our current range of Cahors wines against several new estates and decided the time had come for a change. The two wines we have imported are both from the Baldes family, the first being Chateau de Flore which is made from the younger vines of the family property so the tannins don’t overpower the bright fruit character of the wine. The Cuvee Baldes from the Clos Triguedina is from 30 year old vines that give higher quality fruit and it also has a small dollop of both Merlot and Tannat that both add complexity and definition to the final wine. Although not a cheap bottle, it is certainly something that in our opinion more than justifies the cost. 

To tempt you to try them, we are offering a 20% discount for this week. If you fancy a go at this week’s recipe, try it with the Chateau de Flore which goes a treat with the Gallic Toad in the Hole with the lively fruit dominating the wine.