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Sierra Cantabria

Vinedos Y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria has been part of our family of wines for well over 20 years now and, whilst the range has evolved over this period, the quality has remained steadfastly high.

With their roots in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, five generations of the Eguren family have built a harmonious relationship between man and vineyard to express all of the virtues of the unique Tempranillo grape in their outstanding Rioja wines. Guillermo Eguren, father of the current winemakers Marcos and Miguel, describes himself as a vine collector such is his passion for his vineyards. His sons have embraced his principles of viticultural excellence, and of respecting the fruit throughout the winemaking process, to produce Rioja of the utmost purity that beautifully reflects its terroir.

The Eguren family work largely biodynamically, i.e. according to nature’s cycles, using observation and astrology to create a close link with their vineyards and their environment. The Sierra Cantabria vineyards are used to create their own treatments, fertilisers and preparations, completely respecting the natural balance and its ability to regulate itself. This approach enhances and cares for the life in the soil, encouraging the presence of beneficial micro-organisms that interact with the soil and the vine. A healthy vineyard planted in healthy soils is better prepared to resist any damage or disease. Should a treatment be needed then natural solutions are applied, contact treatments which do not penetrate the plant or the grapes, respecting both the plant and the environment. The objective is to achieve natural and healthy vineyards in harmony with active and pure soils, so as to obtain healthy, honest, genuinely distinctive wines.

At the foot of the Sierra Cantabria mountains, protected from the cold northern winds, lies the town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra. The shelter of the 1200m high Sierra Cantabria mountains and the influence of the wide River Ebro create a special microclimate with both Mediterranean and Continental characteristics, providing mild winters and gentle summers that are ideal for grape growing. The diuranal temperature swing in the summer creates an increase in the level of polyphenols and preserves acidity, two of the characteristics associated with excellent quality wines.

The gentle, rolling hills of the Sierra Cantabria vineyard landscape sits on calcareous clay soil that is high in limestone and poor in organic matter, nutrients and mineral salts; again, ideal for grape growing. The abundance of rounded stones, alluvium and gravel within the soil creates a perfect balance of drainage and water retention. Cracks in the rocks that make up the subsoil encourage the roots of the vines to burrow deeply in search of nourishment, aiding the balance of flavours within the grapes and highlighting in the finished wine the environment in which they were grown.

Sierra Cantabria, Viñedos Sierra Cantabria, Señorío de San Vicente and Viñedos de Páganos are the Eguren family estates in Rioja, alongside Teso La Monja in Toro.

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