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Soave – A return to fashion?

Yes, for some years now Soave has not been at the forefront of consumers' thoughts, yet over the last 10 or so years, the general quality level has increased tremendously and now the wines will challenge the quality of many white wine-producing regions. Gone are the days of cheap, jug wine for pizzerias, bottled in a 2-liter format and full of sulphur dioxide. Nowadays there is a purity and crisp fruitiness to the style and with some wines, there is a richer style too such as the Vigna Della Corte from Corte Adami, which fills the palate with notes of apples, peaches, and a hint of ginger.

These are wines not to be overlooked and with the extra 15% discount, they represent top value.

Wines are: Soave Cimalta and Vingna della Corte