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Tenuta La Marchesa

Tenuta La Marchesa

The Tenuta La Marchesa estate is one of the most beautiful in the Gavi area. It extends over 188 acres and includes with a historical villa, Gavi and Monferrato vineyards, woods and a private lake.

In 1750, the Marques Sauli, scion of an ancient and powerful family of Genoese bankers, was preparing for his daughter's wedding. However, either the family's house did not measure up to the bride's aspirations or her young husband-to-be was particularly ambitious, and the decision was made to build a beautiful villa in the centre of the estate. It was to be named La Marchesa in honour of the young bride, and would feature its own chapel and an orangerie to preserve precious citrus fruit through the winter.

It is said that Napoleon spent a night at La Marchesa and subsequently, during the area's silk boom, the villa became the country house of the most important family in the area. Over the years the estate belonged to different families and shrank in size but, thanks to the Giulini family, La Marchesa has been returned to its original splendour. They have reacquired the same 188 acres of land that belonged to the property in 1750, and, as well as  carefully restoring the chapel and the orangerie, the Sauli villa has been transformed into a luxury agritourism destination with its own restaurant. The 150 acres of vineyards surround the villa in a contigious plot and Tenuta La Marchesa is one of the largest properties in the Gavi DOC.

Despite its size, viticulture and vinification are performed as ecologically as possible and all of the wines produced are given only the most minute dosages of sulphur dioxide.

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