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Free Delivery on all orders of £75 and over.

Terra de Asorei

There are six families who combine to make this wine which originates from the Sales Valley on the left bank of the Arousa River in Galicia, the heart of the classic Albarino area. Between them, the families own around 60 hectares of vines that ripen perfectly in the Atlantic influenced climate where temperatures are mild and rainfall is sufficient to feed the vines.

At Terra De Asorei they work the vineyards like a sculptor works stone, using experience, science, passion and humanity to transform art into wine. Unlike many other wineries, all of the grapes used are grown by the six families. This permits exhaustive quality control throughout the entire winemaking process; from the budding of the vines to the moment the wine leaves the winery bearing the Terra De Asorei label.

This skillfully crafted wine is named after Francisco Asorei, a famous Galician sculptor born in Cambados. He is considered to be one of the most important figures of the revitalisation of Galician and Spanish sculpture in the twentieth century.

This Albarino will be going up in price due to cost increases from the winery so do take advantage.

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