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The Riesling l’Alman – Anna Maria Abbona

Usually, at this time of year, thoughts of the Langhe Hills come with truffles attached but for today, we are looking more at fish and poultry with the delicious Riesling from Anna Maria Abbona.

This Rhine Riesling (l'Alman in the local dialect means German) is a stylish offering and is packed with all the glorious Riesling fruit that brings the palate to life. A wine that was made from youngish vines - around 15 years - grown in the clay and calcareous marl of the Alta Langhe. This gives a mineral edge to the wine and the altitude of the vineyards - around 500 meters - ensures the acidity remains fresh and crisp.

The end result is a wine that has bright aromas of green apples with some notes of petrol. It's wonderfully refreshing and will partner well with a wide variety of dishes especially freshwater fish such as trout or salmon, poultry, and even fine cheeses.

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