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The Sipp Mack Pinot Gris Tradition from Alsace

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Pinot Gris from Sipp Mack.

Autumn is the greatest time of year to eat wild mushrooms and a risotto made with them can be simply sublime. Try it with some of Sipp Mack’s Pinot Gris and you’ll be amazed at the combination. We can’t provide the risotto but we can sort the wine out for you! 

If you've only ever tasted the light, fresh and crisp examples of Pinot Grigio from the north east of Italy, then this Sipp Mack Pinot Gris Tradition from Alsace might just blow your mind! Rich, ripe and spicy, it might share a familial resemblance but it is a mile apart stylistically speaking.

The wine is pale yellow with golden highlights. Nuances of toast and smoke on the nose, backed by honeyed white fruits and a touch of something more earthy. Rich on the palate with delicious fruit, a hint of white pepper spice and a perfect balancing acidity plus the faintest suggestion of sweetness on the finish. Absolutely glorious and perfect with something like Porcini.