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Zanasi - Societa Agricola

Zanasi - Societa Agricola

This excellent estate from close to the city of Modena traces it's roots back to 1883 when the company founder Luigi Zanasi was born. He was soon working the land for a local landowner, a career that was not only hard but also fairly poorly paid. He was given an house and a small piece of land in partial payment for his labour and thus he started to make his own wine - about 8 barrels a year in total - which he then sold to inns in the surrounding towns.

Wine making then almost skipped a generation when his son Bruno was called for military service in World War Two. The following generation (Bruno also) purchased 10 acres of land in 1957 close to San Vito. This was the start of what is today an excellent producer of fine Lambrusco. The estate was expanded by some 11 acres in 1978 and Bruno (the second's) children helped build the company Other plots have since been bought in some of the finest grape growing parts of the DO. 

In addition to wine making, the family also breed pigs for the production of Modena and Parma ham together with coe's milk for the producion of Parmesan. All of the products they produce work well together and a slice of homemade salami and a glass of Lambrusco is a partnership made in heaven! There is also a small production of fine Balsamic Vinegar. Watch this space, it may be coming over soon!.

The vineyards are all close to Modena and only grapes from their own vines are used for wine production. They are located in the valley but more especially on hillside sites which give far better fruit. The hills around Castelvetro produce the Grasperossa and there are others close to Sorbara that produce Lambrusco of the same name.

As for their winery. it is equipped with the most modern technology  for producing sparkling wines and the cold fermentation process that is used gives wonderful aromas of the grapes. 

All in all, these wines are some of the finest offerings of Lambrusco available and it must be born in mind that they in no way represent the chaep fizz that was pedalled some 20 to 25 years ago. Superb offerings from a great family.