Fun In The Sun Mixed Case

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You can tell by the grey skies that it's the middle of summer...

To be fair, on the occasions when there's been a break in the clouds the weather has been glorious and my barbecue has scarcely been given chance to cool between uses. As much as we all enjoy a well-chilled white wine when its warm outside, we still need a glass (or two) of red to help to wash down a barbie full of bangers. Our mixed case this month concentrates on maximum refreshment per bottle: crisp whites, a lovely rosé and three summery reds that long to be better known.

Bouchard Finlayson's Blanc De Mer is a predominantly Riesling based blend, its bright fruit is balanced by a mineral streak that reminds me of beach pebbles heated by the sun. Our Picpoul De Pinet is a classic example of the Languedoc's best known white; gentle peach and pear fruit is seasoned by a dusting of white pepper spice. Malbec is a perennial favourite whether it's barbecue season or not, so we thought we'd ring the changes with a charming rosé version from its spiritual home in Cahors, south west France.

This month's reds are lighter, brighter styles that are just as delicious when served chilled as they are when you drink them at room temperature. Honestly. They really are. Don't look at me like that!

First up, a Lambrusco. Now you're really looking at me askance, I can tell! This is a traditional, dry, red Lambrusco, as stylishly Italian as an Armani suit. It's lovely as an aperitif, but it really shines alongside charcuterie, cold meats or many salmon or tuna dishes. You won't regret it, I promise. Beaujolais is a less unexpected summer choice, and Didier Desvigne's Beaujolais-Villages is delightful at almost any temperature. Finally, it's back to Italy for Vigneti Le Monde's Cabernet Franc. This red grape offers lovely, crunchy, red berry fruit and a hint of savoury capsicum flavours but with moderate tannins that perfectly suit half an hour in the fridge.

And there you have it: some of these wines may at first seem a little off-the-wall, but we prefer to think of them as friends you're about to make.

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The 6 bottle case contains one bottle of each wine; the 12 bottle case contains two bottles of each wine.

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