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Spice is an intrinsic part of so many of our favourite dishes from around the world, but it can be tricky to find a wine that can hold its own against the heat and the flavour. Chilli and spices can overwhelm the flavours of a lot of wines, and the heat of chillies can really overemphasise the tannins in red wines. As a result we can't say that these wines will work with the hottest of recipes, but they'll certainly be refreshing with many milder options.

White wines work best with marinated fish or poultry dishes and those with creamy or coconut based sauces. The J & H Selbach Weinkellerei Riesling Feinherb is archetypal German Riesling from the Mosel valley. Off-dry German Riesling is a style of wine that, for some strange reason, no-one seems to like. Until they actually taste it, that is! Fruity, fresh, low in alcohol and deceptively light, this is a brilliant match for all manner of smoked and spicy foods. Drier, but richer, fuller and with a touch of spice of its own, Sipp Mack's Pinot Gris Tradition gives everything that this much-abused grape variety so often fails to deliver in a curry-friendly package. A more traditional style of white wine that is also spice friendly is Terra De Asorei's Albariño. Crisp but fruity and supple, this would be a great accompaniment to Thai salads and any number of other oriental treats.

Acústic Celler's Rosat is richer and rather more substantial than many a rosé thanks to a degree of oak ageing, and its fuller body and touch of sweet spice make it a great match for East Asian cuisines.

Lighter bodied, fruity reds can pair nicely with spiced tomato-based dishes as well as with a range of more exotically perfumed Middle Eastern dishes. Didier Desvignes' Beaujolais-Villages is surprisingly substantial for its kind, offering bright cherry fruit, fresh acidity and moderate tannins. A great match for a Biryani. Ciabot Berton's Fisetta Barbera D'Alba is also relatively low in tannins, and its rich berry fruit makes it a spice-friendly choice.

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The 6 bottle case contains one bottle of each wine; the 12 bottle case contains two bottles of each wine.

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